About Cathy

Catherine Gibson speaks for the deaf and stands for the disabled. Her advocacy for children with disabilities is an inspiration.

She is an angel who conveys a powerful message: What might be thought of as a challenge can also be considered a gift—if you’re wiling to see it that way. That awareness has transformed the lives of countless courageous children across the country, both disabled and not.

Cathy skillfully and lovingly makes her case with the wonderful stories in her books, on her children’s TV show The Cathy Gibson Show, and in her positive and uplifting talks to children and adults. She speaks in venues ranging from school auditoriums and libraries to department store sales floors. Readers and audiences are consistently moved by her heartfelt and genuine presentations that are based on personal experiences with real people.

A dance teacher and mother of two children, Cathy understands from a visceral and experiential level what children who are considered “different” can face. Her books not only inspire disabled children to soar, they instruct those free of physical disabilities how to lovingly interact with children who are not exactly the same as them.

Putting her money—and her time—where her mouth is, Cathy has instructed deaf children in dance and regularly reads her books to children in schools and from other platforms. The lion’s share of the profits of her books is donated to children’s causes through the foundation, For Children With Love, which she founded solely for the purpose of supporting charities for disabled kids.

Cathy divides her time between (City in New England) and Los Angeles. She has an endless supply of stories of celebration and triumph to tell—in words and in sign language. Her mission is to support character building, and to inspire children to proudly celebrate and cheer who they are.