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What’s Your Something Special has just arrived and is available in our online bookstore!

Mom’s Choice Gold Winner- Sophie Discover Synchronized Swimming

Through Sophie’s Eyes by Catherine Gibson Illustrated by Robert Noreika Ages 4-8  |  $15.95 US 978-057800980  |  Hardcover National Deaf Awareness Week May 7-13 A story of a young deaf girl overcoming obstacles and having a positive attitude while achieving her goal of learning how to dance. Sophie is a girl who loves ballet. She receives a flyer at school about a new dance class being offered. When Sophie arrives to dance class, the other girls are confused when they see her talking with her hands. They immediately think that because she is deaf, she can not dance. But, it is the girls in Sophie’s dance class, see through her eyes, and learn a life lesson. The book also teaches fingerspell sign language on each page, a word taken from each page. A portion of the proceeds from each book will go to children’s causes. Available from Baker & Taylor and Now available in Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Follett Library!

Catherine Gibson interviewed for Mom’s Choice Award

Catherine Gibson from Mom's Choice Awards® on Vimeo.

Catherine gibson book tour, next stop… The Big E!

Cathy Gibson will be at the Big E in CT building and she will be signing all 3 books! Through Sophie’s Eyes, Coach Bob & Me and the newly Released-Sophie Discovers Synchronized Swimming
September 14, from 1pm to 9pm
September 16, from 1pm to 9pm
September 17, from 4pm to 9pm
September 18, from 1pm to 9pm
September 19, from 1pm to 9pm
September 20, from 1pm to 9pm
September 21, from 4pm to 9pm
September 22, from 4pm to 9pm
September 23, from 1pm to 9pm
September 24, from 1pm to 9pm
September 25, from 1pm to 9pm
September 27, from 1pm to 9pm
September 28, from 1pm to 9pm
September 30, from 1pm to 9pm
Hope to see you there!

Sophie Discovers Synchronized Swimming is now out!

My newest children’s book- Sophie Discovers Synchronized Swimming Was released today!!!